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In this vibrant and diverse country, your support is providing essential health care services and quality education to children and adults affected by leprosy

As the birth place of TLM, our work in this country goes back 140 years. And India continues to be the country where the majority of TLM’s work is based. Today TLM India employs about 900 staff members.

Here, TLM operates programmes in nine states through 14 hospitals, six Vocational Training Centres, five residential facilities for care of elderly people severely disabled by leprosy, a molecular biology research laboratory, advocacy and communication, leprosy training, and multiple community empowerment projects.

  Nearly 60% of the world's new cases of leprosy are found in India


TLM NI’s involvement: Health care and education

  • Purulia Hospital, West Bengal

    Established in 1882, Purulia was TLM’s first hospital in India. The hospital now treats over 40,000 people every year from West Bengal, one of the poorest States in India. The hospital provides a wide range of services including leprosy treatment and surgery to correct disabilities, ophthalmology, dermatology, orthopaedics and general surgical procedures.

      In 2018, 12,097 consultations were carried out for leprosy-affected people

      146 reconstructive surgeries were carried out in 2018

      In 2018, 5,253 pairs of sandals were given to leprosy patients

      6,396 eye care consultations and surgeries were carried  out in 2018

    In 2017, with your help, we raised £20,000 to help build a new outpatients' department at Purulia Hospital in partnership with TLM England and Wales. Read the latest update on how this work is progressing. 

  • Children Unite for Action

    Children Unite for Action is a new comprehensive rehabilitation project which focuses on three leprosy colonies and 13 nearby villages in Chandhkuri (Chhattisgarh), Muzaffarpur (Bihar) and Purulia (West Bengal). The programme provides children with: life skills workshops, health education, school scholarships, summer camps and various other initiatives to empower and equip children from leprosy backgrounds to reach their potential. Last year, children also took part in English classes, a visit to an organic farm  and sport activities for girls to improve confidence and motivation. 

    In 2018:

    • 1,325 children were enrolled in the programme
    • A children’s parliament was created and there were summer camps in all three locations
    • 12 leprosy champions were identified – training was given to help them detect leprosy and other illnesses, including cataracts
    • 12 children received disability certificates thanks to advocacy work by TLM with local governments
    • 150 children affected by leprosy received school scholarships

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