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In Tanzania, your support is building independence and security for a marginalised and often forgotten group of leprosy-affected people

For many years, TLM, in partnership with the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika, has provided funding, staff or other support to Hombolo Leprosy Hospital, near the capital, Dodoma. During the last decade, teams from Northern Ireland have visited regularly to help build houses for leprosy-affected families in Samaria, the leprosy village next to the hospital.

How TLM is helping change lives in Tanzania

  • Hombolo Hospital

    TLM NI continues to give financial support to Hombolo Hospital and its outreach activities. The work includes the identification, treatment and referral of villagers with symptoms of leprosy, TB, HIV and other diseases.

    In 2017, your support enabled a new eye clinic to be opened at the hospital.

      219 patients with eye disease benefitted from the new eye clinic in 2017 

  • Outreach activities

    Outreach teams from Hombolo Hospital (Community Health Education Programme) screen sick villagers who cannot travel to the hospital because of their illness or infirmity, and provide information or health education within the villages and local schools about major diseases and how to avoid them. There are also several self-help groups of people living near Hombolo Hospital. These groups help the members to establish livelihoods, and learn how to advocate for their rights, with TLM’s support as needed.

      In 2017, 13, 240 people attended community health education seminars

      In 2017, 35 new cases of leprosy were diagnosed thanks to the health outreach team

    In addition, during 2017, your generosity enabled us to support further outreach work:

    • 153 students attended health education seminars.
    • 3,704 people were screened for various health conditions resulting in 1,120 beneficiaries accessing medical care at mobile clinics.
    • 317 people were given training on advocacy and human rights.


  • Life-giving water

    In January 2017, your support gave residents in Hombolo a fresh and much-needed addition to village life; a new borehole which is happily producing lots of safe, clean water for this community. It’s making a huge difference to the lives of leprosy-affected people and helping improve overall hygiene.

  • Strong foundations

    In 2017, four new houses were built for leprosy-affected families, bringing the total to 26. We hope to build the final three houses (of a total of 29) before the end of the 2018. Around £15,000 is needed to enable this work to occur.

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