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In Africa’s most populous country, your support is helping to prevent disability and give patients the tools to live as independently as possible

With over 250 ethnic groups, and Africa's largest economy, Nigeria remains beset by security issues in some of the states where TLM works.

TLM’s national office in Nigeria is near Abuja, the capital. The projects, covering eight states in Nigeria, focus on four major areas: Health management and prevention of disability; Empowerment and livelihood; Advocacy and communication; Learning and education. Projects include an orthopeadic workshop which supplies protective, assistive and other mobility aids to vulnerable people with disabilities.

  Around 3,000 new cases of leprosy are reported each year

Of the 3,000 new cases of leprosy reported each year, 10 per cent are children and 15 per cent already have visible disabilities – evidence of ongoing transmission and late diagnosis.

How TLM is changing lives in Nigeria

  • Hospital and community work

    In Kogi and Akwa Ibom states your support is helping fund the early detection, prevention and management of leprosy impairments and disabilities at the hospitals in Ekpene Obom and Ochadumu and within the local communities there.

    Qua Iboe Church Leprosy Referral Hospital, Akwa Ibom State

    In September 2018 work started on Qua Iboe  Church Leprosy Referral hospital Ekpene Obom, Akwa Ibom State.

    The new 20-bed amenity ward will expand and improve hospital services in memory of Dr Esther Davies (1919-2011) a missionary doctor from Portadown who gave 50 years of her life in service to people affected by leprosy in Ekpene Obom. The new ward will benefit approx. 200 leprosy-affected people each year who will receive free and subsidised services for leprosy reaction and ulcer management.

    In previous years, your support has enabled the renovation of four toilets and four shower rooms at Qua Iboe Church Leprosy Hospital in Ekpene Obom. This has made a huge improvement to the living standards of the patients as the bathroom facilities had fallen into disrepair. Now, there is less risk of outbreaks of disease. 

    Throughout the year, leprosy patients receive health education on personal hygiene and sanitation and are given advice on how to avoid anything that may cause a reoccurrence of ulcers or injuries that could worsen or lead to disabilities. This is such a vital effort in ensuring that patients can live a fulfilled and independent life once they leave hospital and return to their families and jobs.

    Read about how your gifts have transformed this hospital.

    Read about Dr Esther Davis - a missionary from Portadown who worked in Nigeria for 40 years. 

    Kogi State

    Thanks to your gifts we have also been able to provide Bibles, daily devotionals and Hymn books on each of the wards at Ochadumu hospital.

    Kebbi State

    In Kebbi state your support has funded initiatives to reduce leprosy-related stigma in the community, reducing discrimination and encouraging better integration of leprosy-affected people within their home village.

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