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In a country famous for its coffee and ‘13 months of sunshine’, your support is providing much-needed shelter to vulnerable leprosy-affected people

For many years TLM has been providing funding to the All African Leprosy Tuberculosis Rehabilitation and Research Training Centre (ALERT), a referral hospital for leprosy and an international training and research centre in the capital Addis Ababa.

4,000 new cases of leprosy reported each year

Since the 1990s TLM has also engaged with other partners, including the Ethiopian National Association of Persons Affected by Leprosy (ENAPAL) which has around 20,000 leprosy-affected and other disabled people as members, and Jersey Overseas Aid which is providing over 1,500 leprosy patients with access to good quality leprosy services. Such partnerships enable TLM to work with people affected by leprosy at community level in several regions. In 2011 TLM established its own office and staff team in Addis Ababa.

TLM NI's involvement

  • Hostel for rural leprosy patients

    In Ethiopia, your support enables us to provide, in partnership with ALVRA (a local organisation), hostel accommodation for leprosy patients who have travelled many miles from remote villages to receive quality health care at ALERT hospital. Depending on availability of beds at the hospital, some of these patients may have to wait several days, perhaps longer, to be admitted for treatment. This hostel offers them somewhere clean and safe to stay, and provides them with three meals a day. It gives them much needed shelter in a busy and unfamiliar city, where the only other option open to them would have been sleeping on the streets.

      Many leprosy patients from rural areas are served three meals a day at our hostel

      Your support enables us to provide over 1500 nights' accommodation, an average of six nights per patient, each year. 

    Your gifts also ensured that we could help provide better balanced meals which has aided recovery and improved general health

  • Future aims

    Our goal is to improve patients’ knowledge and skill of caring for their insensitive hands and feet so that they can do self-care at home, reducing the need for readmission to the hospital for treatment for ulcers.

      Hundreds of patients are accommodated for an average of six days per patient each year


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