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We love to meet our loyal supporters across Northern Ireland and we look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon!

Event details are listed below for help or more information please contact the office on 028 9262 9500 or email:



  • Make it Zero

    We had such a special evening on 13th March as we heard stories of lives transformed and look ahead to a leprosy free world

    There is a cure for leprosy
    With your help we can spot it, treat it and stop it
    With your help we can see an end to leprosy

    There is a replay of this event available, please contact us if you'd like a link to watch.

  • Global Day of Prayer

    The Global Fellowship marked its second annual Global day of prayer on Wednesday 11 May 2022

    Thank you if your were able to join us, we hope to gather again next year!

  • World Leprosy Day

    World Leprosy Day is held on the last Sunday of January every year. It is a globally recognised date to raise awareness of Leprosy.

    For full information click here

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