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Prayer has always been vital to The Leprosy Mission.

“The Mission has been born and cradled in prayer. It has been brought up on prayer; it has been nourished on prayer; and prayer has been at the bottom of its success since the first moments of its life,”

Wellesley Bailey, founder of The Leprosy Mission

Only with God’s help can we bring light into the darkness and hope to the hopeless. These videos were prepared for our Global Day of Prayer - please use them for prayer points or to share in your Church or Prayer Meeting to lift the prayer requests of the TLM Countries up to God.

Please join us as we pray for our staff, our projects and for people affected by leprosy. We need God’s kingdom to come to a hurting and needy world.

Thank you, Amen.

Prayer Videos from Countries your kindness is supporting

  • Global Day of Prayer Videos

    Your love and support helps staff and projects in many different countries - below are prayer videos outlining their specific prayer requests.