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In this beautiful yet vulnerable country, your support is bringing regeneration to projects and communities affected by the 2015 earthquake.

The Leprosy Mission began its work in Nepal in 1957 and is now the largest organisation working in leprosy in Nepal.

In Nepal, leprosy is perceived in many village communities as a punishment for misdeeds in a former life. This often leads to people hiding the early signs of leprosy, leaving them vulnerable to severe disability.

The bulk of TLM’s work here is carried out at Anandaban Hospital, located near the capital, Kathmandu. People from all around the country are referred here for complications including loss of feeling, disability, ulcers and leprosy reaction, and for reconstructive surgery.

As well as the hospital, TLM also operates a renowned research lab, community outreach clinics, and self-help groups.  More recently, TLM was heavily involved in responding to the devastating earthquake of 2015, providing treatment for the injured and, later, supporting people to rebuild their lives.

  In 2017 159 reconstructive surgeries were performed at TLM’s Anandaban Hospital

In 2017 156 new cases of leprosy were diagnosed at Anandaban Hospital

TLM NI’s involvement

  • Anandaban Hospital

    With 150 beds and two large outpatients’ clinics, one in the nearby urban area, Anandaban served over 30,000 leprosy and general patients in 2017.

    Sadly, Anandaban’s buildings were damaged in the 2015 earthquake but reconstruction of the wards and staff housing is nearly complete – much of this has only been possible thanks to your generous donations!

    In 2017, your generosity has helped us, in partnership with other TLM offices around the world, to support a wide variety of initiatives: 

    • 1,470 leprosy patients received care at Anandaban's three satellite clinics.
    • Many leprosy-affected people received training in how to care for their hands, eyes and feet to prevent infection and injury. 1,060 people received footwear, 46 people received prostheses, and 496 people received assisted support devices such as crutches, canes and wheelchairs. 
    • 159 reconstructive surgeries were carried out at the hospital, restoring mobility and function to people's hands, arms and legs. 
  • Earthquake response

    Not only is your support helping to restore damaged buildings, your generous gifts are also bringing hope to shattered lives.

    On 25 April 2015 and on the days following, over 8,000 people died and many thousands more were injured when a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck this mountainous nation.

    Your outpouring of support helped us to rebuild TLM’s damaged hospital and to provide care and shelter for the many leprosy-affected people left homeless by the earthquake. 

  • Patan Clinic

    In September 2016, thanks to your generous gifts, TLM Nepal officially opened a new building for Patan Clinic, a satellite clinic of Anadaban Hospital. The original building was damaged during the earthquake and staff had been working outdoors in difficult conditions to keep this vital health centre open.

    This clinic operates six days a week and provides essential out-patient treatment for leprosy patients. It also offers a variety of medical services, including gynecology and paediatrics that people living in the surrounding communities would not be able to otherwise access. What an amazing project to be a part of!

      In 2017, 3,500 patients benefitted from the services provided by Patan Clinic 

  • Disaster risk reduction

    In 2017, your gifts enabled us to allocate funds to a new disaster resilience project which targets leprosy-affected communities that were severely impacted by flash floods in 2017.

    TLM Northern Ireland, along with other TLM partners, will help train beneficiaries in safe shelter construction and repair. Project staff will also help them to form peer support groups so that communities and individuals will be able to access counselling and communities will be equipped to withstand future disaster and trauma. 

Dipak's story

Dipak's story highlights how TLM's Anandaban Hospital is bringing hope and healing to leprosy patients.

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