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Update from Purulia Hospital 24th June, 2019

Do you remember our over-crowded Out Patient's department at Purulia Hospital in India? And how we told you, through our Transform Purulia Appeal in 2017, that the hospital desperately needs a new building to treat the many thousands of leprosy patients who come to the hospital each year?


Well, thanks to your kindness and generosity, the project is well and truly under way!

Recently, TLM staff spent time at the hospital to see for themselves how the work is coming along. We are delighted to report back on how your gifts are being invested to bring hope and healing to many more people affected by leprosy...

"At Purulia Hospital in West Bengal we met the team and saw the work on the new Outpatient’s Department (OPD). Dr Ujjwal, Superintendent of Purulia, led us to the site of the OPD where we met the project manager from Mace (the construction company partnering with us on the build) who explained the stages and the predicted timescales. 

Thanks to your prayers, the work is continuing to progress well. The foundations, covering a huge area of land, have been laid and the building is going up! The first picture is one I took in November and the work has come on much further since then. You can see the progress our team are making as they erect the walls. We’re on track to open the OPD in October 2019, so please keep praying with us for the quick and successful completion of this facility.

I was so impressed by the skill and ingenuity of the team who have engineered this new building. From the cutting-edge design of the roof, that will allow natural airflow to circulate and ventilate the waiting areas, to the carefully planned layout of rooms and facilities that closely follows the patient journey. Every detail of Indian climate, life and culture has been considered. More importantly, every patient has been thought of. Whilst this facility will serve the thousands, it is really for the one.

Our dream and vision is that each person who enters the OPD will know that they are loved and respected, and that they will receive the best possible care we can give them."

Thank you for partnering with us to make this project possible! 

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