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A brave young man

Arup's story: A brave young man

Arup, 13, has been able to go home from Purulia having travelled 80 miles to the hospital when his mum suspected he could have leprosy.

She is leprosy-affected and thankfully realised something could be wrong when Arup found an ulcer on one of his toes. After being given the cure for leprosy, Arup developed a painful reaction, his body’s response as it fights to get rid of the dead leprosy bacteria in it. There is a great risk of becoming permanently disabled at this time and Arup was admitted to Purulia hospital to receive further treatment.

Arup was very brave during his four-month stay, especially as his mum could only visit him once a month because of the distance to the hospital. Arup has three siblings and if she did not continue her work as a labourer, she could not afford to feed the family. Thank you for helping children like young Arup.

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