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Angels in blue

Numkala’s story is a great example of how TLM's research discoveries are put into practice to prevent the spread of leprosy

Numkala is one of 12 angels in blue, all-female health care volunteers working with The Leprosy Mission in a village in Nepal to help diagnose and prevent leprosy.

Numkala has been a volunteer for 23 years and has encouraged others to join the team. She became a health volunteer because she wanted to help women in the community.

By visiting women in their home, Numkala has been able to educate women about health issues and support them and their children to access treatment. Training from TLM has helped Numkala and her fellow volunteers to spot the signs and symptoms of leprosy. The volunteers also help to distribute a single table to close contacts of people who have been diagnosed with leprosy, such as friends or family, to help prevent the spread of the disease.

Numkala and her fellow volunteers are a wonderful example of how discoveries made during research, in this case that a single dose of one drug can help prevent leprosy in others, are implemented in the community.