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It’s time to make leprosy a thing of the past! 29th March, 2021

TLM NI launches its new strategy towards zero leprosy

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The 2021-2025 strategy focuses on a world with zero leprosy discrimination, zero disability from leprosy and zero leprosy transmission.

These three key themes are central to eradicating a disease which today affects more than 5 million people around the world. 1 in 10 of those diagnosed are children.  

In order to realise our global vision, TLM NI has 3 strategic priorities:

  • Engage - increase awareness of this cruel disease,  its impact and the fact that once detected, it can be easily cured
  • Enable – significantly increase funds that will enable positive transformational change in the lives of those affected by leprosy, and ultimately see an end to the disease in our lifetime
  • Excel - seek to deliver all our activities to the highest ethical and professional organisational standards

Compelled and inspired by our Christian identity, TLMNI seeks to partner with churches, supporters, key stakeholders and communities that are affected by this cruel disease to defeat leprosy and transform the lives of those affected. 

Read TLM NI’s 20221-2025 strategy and Join us to make leprosy a thing of the past!

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