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What your support achieved

Last year, your gifts changed lives. Your thoughtful generosity helped bring healing, transformation and hope to thousands of leprosy-affected people around the world

Your support has enabled us to help ensure that no-one affected by leprosy will be left behind and has helped us work towards our ambitious goal of achieving zero leprosy transmission by 2035 as well as zero disability and zero discrimination.

Your essential support

As well as key funding for Purulia Hospital (India); Anandaban Hospital (Nepal) and Hombolo Hospital (Tanzania) your support is making a critical difference through:

  • Children Unite For Action in India which supports children affected leprosy and other marginalised families with financial support to access educational programmes
  • Accommodation for rural patients in Ethiopia, ensuring good food and a safe place to stay whilst receiving treatment at Alert Hospital
  • Core research in Bangladesh
  • Community Health & Education Programme in Tanzania that provides awareness raising sessions and a mobile clinic to rural communities
  • Activating & Engaging local partnerships to reduce leprosy in Bangladesh (part funded by Irish Aid Civil Society Fund)
  • Leprosy Case finding in Nigeria 

Your support continues to make a difference to people with leprosy. Over the last year it has allowed us to maintain a high level of service in our health care and community projects to quickly identify and manage people coming forward with symptoms of leprosy.

How your money was spent

We have been able to combat, not just the medical impact of leprosy, but also the social and economic impacts whereby people affected by leprosy can be shut out from their communities.

We have been specifically targeting resources in areas where we know we can make an impact in the long-term with our health care and outreach programmes.

Our health care projects are in place to:

  • Provide a regular and reliable space for people with leprosy to seek and undergo treatment. Over the last year, our 16 hospitals supported 9,845 people with care for their ulcers, leprosy reactions, eyes and other leprosy complications.
  • Bring together specialist doctors, nurses and physiotherapists in order to combat the long-term impact of leprosy. Thanks to your support, we provided 52,222 training days for doctors, nurses and other staff.

 Our outreach programmes are in place to:

  • Support those with leprosy living in the community by providing health check ups
  • Support those living with leprosy back into employment and self-support for themselves and their families. Recently, we had 23,604 people take part in 1,952 self-help groups
  • Educate and empower those affected by leprosy to stand up for their rights. Because of your support, we trained 7,170 people to speak up for their rights.
  • Promote leprosy awareness and identify early signs. The quicker leprosy can be diagnosed and treated, the less likely that there will be long-term disabilities caused.