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The Global Fellowship

TLM Northern Ireland is part of a global Fellowship; a federation of 29 national Leprosy Mission organisations around the world.

The Leprosy Mission was founded in 1874 and has played a major role in the treatment, cure and rehabilitation of people affected by leprosy around the world. 

In 2011, 29 countries signed a charter, committing to certain principles and ways of working. The countries are now ‘members’ of The Leprosy Mission Global Fellowship. The decision affirms the Mission’s move towards decentralisation and a more shared approach to decision making.

The member countries consist of both ‘supporting’ (donor) countries and ‘implementing’ (field) countries. Both are equally valued members and partners in the work. TLM International operates as a central ‘hub’ to coordinate the needs of the members

The Leprosy Mission Charter is a set of mutual commitments made by all Member Countries. The Charter covers commitments to:

  • Shared identity, vision, purpose and values;
  • Working together in mutual reliance;
  • Actively adding value to the total Fellowship and strengthening its effectiveness;
  • Working within agreed accountability structures;
  • Observing financial stewardship principles.

The Members of The Leprosy Mission also work actively with partner organisations in many countries, both supporting partners and those who are co-implementers of leprosy programmes.

TLM Global Strategy 2019-2023