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World Leprosy Sunday

World Leprosy Sunday

At 3pm on Sunday 30th January 2022 we were delighted to welcome so many to our online World Leprosy Day event. We shared this video simultaneously on our website and Facebook page. If you want to hear more about The Leprosy Mission or invite us to your Church or group we would love to hear from you - contact us here.

World Leprosy Day, marked globally on the last Sunday in January each year, is about raising awareness about this cruel disease, leprosy. A disease that most people believe no longer exists but in reality is still destroying people’s lives on a daily basis.   

This special day, gives us an opportunity to join with others from across the world to truly raise our voice to speak out for those affected by leprosy, who are often silenced and cast aside in their communities. 

Now is the time to partner with us and play your part in ending leprosy. We will not stop until every person is cured and healed from leprosy and until they are included in their communities.