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The difference a house makes

Darshan has had leprosy-related wounds and disabilities for many years. And yet he has struggled on, trying to cope with a very physically demanding job, harvesting sugar cane, so that he can provide for his wife Rupa and their daughter Vanishri.

As a family they have faced stigma and discrimination from their local community.

And, on top of that, they’ve had to deal with a dilapidated house. Every monsoon season their roof would leak and raw sewage would flood onto the stone floor from the street outside. But thanks to supporters like you who have purchased a Gift for Life™, Darshan and Rupa have been blessed with a wonderful new home, with a roof that doesn’t leak, floors that don’t flood and a kitchen that is safe and clean to cook in!

They are so happy to have received such a wonderful gift – it has changed their life completely.

A new house costs £900 and will completely transform a families' life. Find out how you can purchase a gift like this, or many other smaller, yet just as vital, gifts here.