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Sabita's story

Sabita's story

Sabita developed leprosy when she was just 17. At the time, there was no cure for the disease. Her family completely rejected her and threw her out of the house.

As the years passed, Sabita met a man also affected by leprosy. They married and had a son. But after her husband died, Sabita’s son grew increasingly fearful of his mother’s leprosy. Heartbreakingly, he too abandoned her, leaving Sabita completely alone and living on the streets.

Every week Sabita visits a Leprosy Mission mobile clinic in Mumbai, India, where she receives the ongoing treatment and loving care that she needs. It’s here that she knows she is safe and that people care about her.

This is why giving regularly to TLM NI makes such a difference in the lives of people affected by leprosy – it provides the ongoing support that so many people like Sabita desperately need.

Philippa Hannah visited Sabita, and shares her story in the short film below.

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