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How a cuppa can help someone globally

How your Cuppa can help transform the life of leprosy sufferers


We all know that a cup of tea and a chat is great way to retain a sense of community and lift our spirits particularly when we are not getting out and about like normal. That's why we're asking people to organise a cup of tea with a friend, relative or someone they haven't seen in a while. We want you to be safe so you can do it in the park, via video call or over the phone.

Then you can donate the money you would have spent in the coffee shop or match the cost of your take out coffee to support people with leprosy. Our new online virtual collection box is a quick, easy, safe and secure way  to donate online. Cuppa for a Cure donation page.

Did you know that it costs only £24 to cure and care for someone affected by leprosy? That is the impact your cuppa with friends and family can have.

In reaching out to support and care for our local neighbours in these difficult times, we are also reaching out to your  global neighbours, enabling transformation in the life of someone affected by leprosy.

At the recent launch event for Cuppa for a Cure, we heard from our colleagues in Nigeria and Nepal on the current situations in their countries and why COVID-19 and the restrictions imposed are having direct impacts on those with leprosy:

This event really highlighted that we can remain connected and meaningfully come together online. Why not give it a go and in doing so support those affected by leprosy.

We have lots of resources that we can share with you in order to organise your Cuppa for a Cure. More information.