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Purulia Hospital cared for Meera

Purulia Hospital cared for Meera

Meera is a bright bubbly six year old who is always keeping other the other patients on her hospital ward cheerful.

Just over a year ago she was brought to Purulia Hospital by her parents and on the advice of her local doctor. She tested positively for leprosy and is now being treated and recovering well. Doctors found patches of the disease on her face and in her fingers.

Her diagnosis has been a blessing for the whole family as leprosy was also diagnosed in her mother and her older sister. Her mother’s leprosy had gone untreated for more than five years and during that time she had potentially been spreading the disease.

They are now all on medication to treat leprosy and the family are back to normal life. They still visit Purulia Hospital regularly for check-ups with doctors. The staff also use it as an opportunity to support them with ‘self-care’ and to provide counselling for any potential discrimination they may face.  

Purulia is just one of the Leprosy Mission Hospitals operating around the world with teams of specialised and dedicated staff who are available to diagnose, treat and support people like Meera and her family. We need to keep these places of refuge and expertise open if we are to continue to realise our goal of ending leprosy within our lifetime.