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A hostel of hope

Emaway's story: A hostel of hope

Emaway arrived at Alert hospital in Ethiopia seeking treatment for leprosy; she is 70 years old and for many years she did not know what was wrong with her.

Recently, she found out she had leprosy but because she has never had any treatment for it she is quite badly disabled. Sadly, one of her legs needs to be amputated.

When Emaway arrived, she was told that all hospital beds were full and she would have to wait, perhaps a couple of weeks, before she could receive the surgery and treatment she needed. A few years ago this would have been a disaster for Emaway who lives in a very rural part of Ethiopia and spent days travelling to the hospital and has no money to pay for a hotel; she would probably have ended up sleeping on the streets.

But now, thanks to your support, Emaway can be accommodated in a hostel next to the hospital. She will have a comfortable bed, three meals a day and somewhere to rest while she waits for a hospital bed to become available.

Emaway was delighted when she was referred to Alvra Hostel.

“Thank you to those who gave us this opportunity to be served freely; now we can stay and get treatment to be relieved from the pain of the disease and have hope for the future to live,” she says. 

In 2016, your support provided accommodation at the hostel for 400 patients who were accommodated for six days, on average. 

Thank you for helping us provide this lifeline for leprosy-affected people.

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