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Talking it over

Talking it Over is a brand new resource for young people that explores through games, stories and craft activities, the amazing impact that a listening ear can have on people's lives. It also offers the group the opportunity to partner with The Leprosy Mission and fund the life-changing work of its counsellors. 

Leprosy is curable. Medicine has been available to cure leprosy since 1982 but many people are unaware of this fact. The people who have the disease often face daily abuse and emotional trauma from societies who view leprosy as a curse from God, rather than a bacterial infection.

For many leprosy patients, the counsellors they meet in our hospitals are the first people who have listened to their stories and the tragic experiences that leprosy has inflicted on their lives. This can bring hope and healing in place of fear and rejection.

Use our Talking It Over resource to help young people understand the vital role that counsellors can play in improving mental health, and how there is a great need for many more counsellors in countries where The Leprosy Mission works.  

Book a Speaker
Leprosy is a much misunderstood and often forgotten about disease, yet one person is diagnosed with leprosy every two minutes. Why not book a speaker from The Leprosy Mission to come and connect the dots between biblical leprosy, modern-day leprosy, and the Talking It Over resource?


Talking it Over resource