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Key Stage 3 & 4

Lesson plan

Here you'll find a lesson plan plus lots of related resources to enable pupils to learn about respect and responsibility, and to reflect on their role in the wider community and as global citizens.

Curriculum Links

RE Links

  • The Life of Jesus / Jesus and his relationship with people; outcasts – 10 men with leprosy
  • The person and ministry of Jesus / His deeds / the poor and social outcasts
  • Morality: Relationships, rights and responsibilities

Local and Global Citizenship links

  • Equality and social justice
  • Human rights and social responsibility

Learning objectives

  1. To have a great understanding about leprosy and the physical, social and emotional impact the disease can have
  2. To practice group discussion skills
  3. To consider Jesus' example of unconditional love for all
  4. To explore the relevance of Jesus' treatment of marginalized groups and the consequent challenge for society today.
  5. To explore the work of a non-governmental organisation which aims to promote equality and social justice
  6. Investigate how and why some people may experience inequality/social exclusion on the basis of their material circumstances in local and global contexts
  7. To develop understanding of what global citizenship means and explore ways that students can put learning into action.