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Hope from isolation 22nd March, 2021

This time last year none of us could have imagined the lockdown ahead. This Easter we're highlighting the isolation of leprosy and the hope that your support brings.

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This Easter and beyond, we are looking forward with hope. Many of us have been isolated in our homes without being able to see the people we love. With lockdown restrictions being lifted, it can be easy to take those feelings of stepping outside again for granted. 

Many people with leprosy feel isolated everyday. Cut off from their families and communities and without hope. 

Nuhu lives in Nigeria and knows only too well what it’s like to be isolated. He was thirty years old when he received a leprosy diagnosis. Although the multidrug therapy cured Nuhu of the disease, severe ulcers caused by leprosy meant that he had to have his leg amputated. He received an amputation just below the knee a few years ago. 


With limited finances and a large family to support, Nuhu felt all hope was gone. You can imagine how this changed when he found out he could have a bespoke prosthetic fitted at Chanchaga Orthopaedic Workshop. 

But there are many others like him who do not know this freedom.  Isolated, alone and afraid.  They need your help today

They desperately need life-changing prosthetics and other mobility aids. A gift of £35 from you can help people disabled by leprosy get back on their feet by providing an ankle and foot support. While £120 will give someone a wheelchair, and their independence back.

Please give now

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Your life changing gift will bring lasting hope this Easter.


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