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World Leprosy Day service live this Sunday 29th January, 2021

Our annual World Leprosy Sunday service is going online - bringing you colleagues and friends from near and far to celebrate our vision of 'leprosy defeated, lives transformed.'

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In 2021, we are focusing on 'Steps to change' and being grateful that your support over the long term helps those affected by leprosy to ‘go in peace and be freed from their suffering’, by putting an end to this ancient disease once and for all!

We are delighted to bring you our first ever online service which we will be premiering live on this site and on our Facebook page at 3.30pm on Sunday, 31 January.

Please set a reminder and join us. The best thing about being online is that we can bring together friends and colleagues from down the road and from across the world.  


You can use our virtual collection plate to make a donation.

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