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No More Discriminatory Laws 23rd February, 2021

We are petitioning the United Nations to put pressure on all countries that still have discriminatory laws.

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Alongside partners around the world, The Leprosy Mission Northern Ireland is asking you to help us by signing a petition asking the United Nations to put pressure on countries that still have discriminatory laws. 

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In 29 countries, there are still outdated laws which deny people affected by leprosy basic human rights. These must be repealed.

Leprosy is a mildly infectious disease that has been curable since the 1980s. Within 72 hours of the simple pills of MDT antibiotics, the person is no longer infectious. 

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When you sign our petition you help eliminate the discrimination invoked by these laws; laws that create shame and fear and lead people to delay seeking help for symptoms of leprosy. Untreated leprosy causes disability and permanent damage to nerves and limbs.

The petition will be presented to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations in September 2021.

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