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Prevent the COVID-19 human timebomb 13th May, 2020

Coronavirus is sweeping across the world. We need your help now to give people affected by leprosy the support they need to get through this crisis and beyond.


Hospital Heroes

Just like the NHS, front line carers are working tirelessly to protect the poorest communities of Africa and South Asia from a ‘COVID-19 human timebomb’.

The spread of this new virus is causing unprecedented difficulties in getting help to people affected by leprosy. These are among some of the poorest and most vulnerable in the world.

Many people affected by leprosy have known complete isolation for years. Isolation driven by fear and hatred. Now, with weakened immune systems and other underlying health conditions, many face the terrifying prospect of coronavirus too.

Our Programmes

Through our leprosy programmes around the world, we have been encouraging hand washing and social distancing and providing information on how to prevent the spread of the virus.

A man washing his hands using a bucket and basin in the street

But we have also had to cancel a lot of our critical work in the fight against leprosy:

  • We have stopped all medical services that required a group of people to meet together, such as self-help groups and outreach clinics to spot the first signs of leprosy.
  • We have closed some outpatients’ departments to prevent the spread of the virus
  • Many research projects are being put on hold

We need your help

COVID-19 is impacting on our ability to fight leprosy. Joanne Briggs, National Director, explains more:



We know that many of the problems with leprosy can be traced back to late diagnosis. We urgently need funds to keep staff and patients safe from the virus while still providing vital care and preparing to act fast once the crisis is over to spot the first signs of leprosy and treat the disease before it causes permanent disability.

Diyan’s Story

At only six, Diyan is facing a life of disability because his leprosy wasn’t diagnosed quickly enough. He didn’t get the support he needed at the right time. Read more


Please give

Please give today so that Diyan, and hundreds of others like him, will continue to get the help they need in the weeks and months ahead.

Just £24 could help find, cure and treat someone with leprosy before it is too late.

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