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TLM Wins NI Leadership and Good Governance Awards 14th March, 2020

Organised by VSB Foundation in partnership with CO3, Investec and Volunteer Now, The Leadership and Good Governance Awards, celebrate voluntary organisations and shine a light on the work undertaken by Trustees and Boards of Charities who are working hard to improve their governance.

Investec and Leprosy Mission[199701].JPG

At the Awards Ceremony in Belfast City Hall, Denise Hayward, Chief Executive of Volunteer Now congratulated all three organisations on winning this year’s Leadership and Good Governance Awards: The Leprosy Mission received the award in the Medium Organisation category. Mrs Hayward said, “It is great to see organisations recognising the need for Leadership and Good Governance in delivering high quality services.  Good governance underpins all we do in Charities in Northern Ireland so well done to all the nominees.”

Nora Smith, CEO of CO3 commented “The Governance and Leadership Awards have substantially grown in profile. It is the perfect platform to recognise and reward leadership and good governance at Board level. We all know that charity governance makes a huge difference and by sharing examples of truly inspirational boards through these Awards it is fantastic recognition of their leadership, commitment and hard work. By shining a spotlight on the best of the sector, we can demonstrate how effective governance can transform a charity and even more of the lives of its beneficiaries.”

Joanne Briggs, National Director of The Leprosy Mission Northern Ireland (TLMNI), said: “In today’s society, charities need to be both resilient and agile. This award recognises the intentional investment that we have made over the past five years to ensure that we have robust mechanisms, systems and procedures in place and that our people (our staff, volunteers and beneficiaries) are well looked after and receive the highest standards possible. Good leadership and good governance ensure that we deliver our charitable objectives but also ensures that we are fit for organisational purpose. This award recognises that TLMNI is doing both to the highest standard.”

Speaking after the event, Fiona Davidson, Board Chairperson of TLMNI, said, “We are delighted that the Leprosy Mission NI has received this award and recognition, for two main reasons.  Firstly it shines a light on causes, quite literally that are hidden from view because Leprosy as a disease still exists in many countries around the world.  The stigma and lack of early detection programmes mean that many children and adults do not get access to drug therapy in time to prevent the devastating disabilities it causes.  Secondly as an award, given by our peers in the community and voluntary sector, it provides a benchmark for us that the time devoted by our staff and trustees in our leadership and governance structures and processes has been well invested and borne fruit.  We go forward in that acknowledgement to see leprosy defeated and lives transformed. “

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