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Volunteer speaker night 11th February, 2020

In March, we are holding a Volunteer Speaker night for anyone who is interested in finding out more about what's involved in becoming a volunteer speaker for TLM NI.

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As God blesses us with more and more opportunities to speak and engage with churches, there is a growing need for more volunteers to aid us in this vital work. If you or someone you know would be interested in finding out more information about volunteering with us, you are so welcome to join us for this informal evening on:


30 March 7.30pm,
TLM NI office, Lisburn

Contact the office on or 0282 962 9500 for more details. 

Here's what some of our volunteer speakers think about volunteering with TLM NI:


“I can show how people in Northern Ireland really change people’s lives” 

I have spoken to women’s groups, youth services and, on World Leprosy Day, I speak at church services. Afterwards, people always tell me that they didn’t realise that leprosy is still a problem and that hearing from someone who has actually met people who have been cured of leprosy, but are still socially isolated as a result, brings the impact of this disease to life.



“It's lovely to meet new people and talk about something I am passionate about” 

Balancing church and other commitments along with full-time work can, at times, be challenging. I have always received a warm welcome wherever I have been. It's a great experience. Yes, it’s nerve wracking at times but start small or go with someone else - just give it a go!



“You are helping to bring God’s love to those who are desperately in need”

The most rewarding aspect is the knowledge that you are helping in a small way to bring God’s love to those who are desperately in need. Through the speaking events you are presenting the work to new audiences and, if it is God's will, there are no bounds to what that might achieve. The resulting consequences are beyond our imagination.

It is also very rewarding to get feedback during some of the engagements of experiences of leprosy that others have had during visits to countries like India, and the stories they have to tell from those experiences. They help build the stories and the anecdotes for subsequent talks. If you feel that this is what God wants you to do – join. There is much work to do and many opportunities that could be addressed with additional help. 

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