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Putting Christ at the Centre 11th February, 2019

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TLM's new Global Strategy (2019-2023), adopted at Global Fellowship meetings last September, reflects our desire to put Jesus at the centre of everything we do. We believe that this is the only way to achieve our vision of 'leprosy defeated, lives transformed'.

When Wellesley Bailey, TLM’s founder, set sail for India in 1869, he believed he was being called there to be a teacher. Instead, when he arrived, he saw the devastating effects of leprosy and the course of his life was forever changed. He realised that God had a different plan for him and he said at the time: “If there was ever a Christ-like work in the world, it was to go amongst these poor sufferers and bring them the consolation of the gospel.”

Today The Leprosy Mission responds to the call to show God’s love and to march under his banner (Exodus 17:15). His banner is our identity and strength. We know that nothing is impossible with God, ‘the Lord our provider’, and so we dare to think big in defeating leprosy and transforming lives.

Our Christian identity is at the core of who we are and inspires us in all we do. We believe God is calling us to bring new life to those affected by leprosy and to those at risk of being affected by the disease in years to come. We see our progress towards our strategic goals as our part in God’s plan to bring about transformation.

Our strategic priorities for the next five years and beyond, and how we will make them happen:

PEOPLE: We value all our staff, volunteers and supporters, and we will invest in them to bring the best out of everyone connected to TLM.
FUNDRAISING: Your incredible and generous support enables lives to be transformed and leprosy to be defeated.
CHURCH PARTNERSHIPS: Your church is vital to TLM’s growth and we aim to nurture and develop these relationships to defeat the power of this disease.

ADVOCACY: Raising awareness of leprosy and the rights of leprosy-affected people will be a core part of every programme delivered.

Find out more about TLM's new Global Strategy here. 



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