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Building work starts at Purulia Hospital 08th May, 2018

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Purulia Hospital is being transformed – thanks to you!

After a wonderful response to our World Leprosy Sunday 2017 campaign to transform Purulia Hospital, building work has begun on the brand new Outpatients’ Department. It is set to open later this year.

Your kindness will give patients like Satish and Aruna, an even better experience of Purulia Hospital.

Purulia Hospital in West Bengal is incredibly special; it’s The Leprosy Mission’s oldest hospital and has been caring for patients for almost 130 years.

In the late 19th century, 29 ‘outcasts’ were first cared for with love and compassion under a tree in Purulia, thanks to people like you reaching out to them.  

In 2016 more than 45,000 patients were treated by a small hardworking team led by husband and wife Dr Famkima Darlong and Dr Joydeepa Darlong in the hospital built on the very same ground – a beacon of light to leprosy sufferers for thousands of miles.


Currently up to 300 patients a day queue in a cramped waiting area to be examined by a doctor with little privacy and just two toilets.

Although the care and clinical expertise is outstanding, the facilities are just not fit for the 21st century.

But thanks to your compassion, leprosy-affected people, many of whom have been disowned by their families and arrive at the hospital afraid and alone, will soon be welcomed into a spacious waiting area and examined in dignity in one of six new consultation rooms.

Two minor procedure rooms will be created inside the new Outpatients’ Department as well as a pharmacy, toilet block and two lab areas. What a difference this will make to both patients and dedicated staff at Purulia!


Once the new Outpatients’ Department is open, a second phase of the project will begin in 2019.

The current Outpatients’ building will be transformed to include administration space to house patient records. There are also plans to refurbish old and run-down doctors’ homes in the hospital grounds in a bid to attract new doctors to Purulia.

This is only happening thanks to your generosity to the World Leprosy Sunday 2017 campaign to Transform Purulia Hospital. Thank you for joining with us to build a hospital fit for the future!

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