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A well of support 13th September, 2017

This year, the Church Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade of Northern Ireland have been very busy raising funds to buy a well for a family affected by leprosy.


Recently we were very pleased to learn that their fundraising efforts had been incredibly successful – they achieved their goal of raising £800, enough to buy the well! We were delighted to let them know that mother-of -wo Kalani and her family in Sri Lanka would be benefitting from their gift.

Kalani and her children used to spend two hours each day, walking to get water from unprotected sources. Her family were vulnerable to many water borne diseases, and her feet, damaged by leprosy, were under threat of further problems during the long, heavy-laden, walk.

The well means a trusted, steady, local source of water for Kalani leading to better health for her and her family. It also means that they now can now grow fruit plants. This will bring in vital funds to a family who have been living in poverty for such a long time.

Over the past four years, The Leprosy Mission has been able to provide 55 families with wells in Sri Lanka, thanks to the generosity and sacrificial giving of groups like The Church Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade. We are so grateful for their kindness, and the transformation they have bought to the lives of people affected by leprosy.

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