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Your support builds new clinic in Nepal 23rd July, 2017

One of TLM Nepal's clinics was destroyed in the earthquake in 2015 - here's how your support is rebuilding hope


In September 2016, TLM Nepal officially opened a new building for Patan Clinic, a satellite clinic of Anadaban Hospital. The original building was damaged during the earthquake in 2015 and staff had been working outdoors in difficult conditions to keep this vital health centre open.

It has only been possible to build this new home for Patan clinic thanks to your generosity and your response to our appea to raise funds for TLM Nepal, and in particular a new building, in 2015 and 2016. What’s more, the government has now agreed that the clinic can operate five days a week (previously it was only allowed to operate on a Wednesday). What great news!

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