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World Leprosy Sunday

The lush tea gardens of Bangladesh supply much of the tea leaves that brews our cuppas. However, amongst the vast rows of tea bushes is a devastating weed, which is choking the lives and potential of its workforce: Leprosy.

The tea gardens in Bangladesh have the highest leprosy cases than anywhere else in the world. This weed is devastating the lives of individuals, families and communities.

Will your church help uproot this destructive weed? Through your kindness and prayers, community health workers can be trained to diagnose leprosy early which prevents disability and protects livelihoods. You can help prevent this weed from rooting any deeper and allow those affected to flourish!

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Leprosy Sunday resources are now available for you to use in your church service or meeting. Download and watch below. If you would like any of these resources in a different format, please complete our contact form

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