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World Leprosy Sunday

Tucked away in the rugged terrain of the Himalayas, in the shadow of Mount Everest, high up on a hill is a hospital named Anandaban and it is working towards a mountainous achievement, one that many think is unreachable. But with your help we can reach Greater Heights. We can see an end to leprosy!

Will your church help those affected by leprosy reach Greater Heights? In our special 150th year anniversary, will you join us in thanking God for His faithfulness and look ahead to what is still to come, and what still needs to be achieved to end leprosy once and for all. With God’s leading, and the kindness of churches life yours, we can go to Greater Heights and see an end to this destructive disease.

Church Resources

Leprosy Sunday resources are now available for you to use in your church service or meeting. Download and watch below. If you would like any of these resources in a different format, please complete our contact form

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You can book a speaker to come and share. CLICK HERE to request a speaker or CONTACT US at the office.

Hear from Kashi, a kind nurse who has overcome leprosy himself, and now wants to help others so likewise!