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Serve from your sofa

Mission has not been cancelled!

Many of our summer plans are going to look much different than initially planned.

You may had planned oversea mission trips; some may have been looking to attend or volunteer at conferences or even at church events like kids’ clubs. You may feel slightly deflated and disappointed that these opportunities have either been cancelled or postponed.

However, just because many of these opportunities have been cancelled, does not mean Mission has been cancelled! We can still serve from our sofa. Our God is still working and moving in our world, and His call to serve and help those most in need has not changed.

These current circumstances should not stop us serving.

It is for this reason we have created an exciting series of 4 podcasts named ‘Serve from your Sofa’ to help resource and encourage you. These discuss different topics such as advocacy, prayer and raising funds and how you can still make a difference and be missional during lockdown.

These podcasts can also be found on Spotify making them accessible to listen at home, from your very sofa, or for on the move on a run or walk. They can even be used as part of your group bible study and shared amongst friends and groups and members in your church.

Access Serve from your Sofa podcasts on Spotify


We can still make this summer mission focused by serving at home!