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Online resources

Online resources for church leaders

Churches have always been the centre of support for those affected by leprosy. Now more than ever, in a time of global crisis, we need it to continue.

Those affected by leprosy are extremely vulnerable during this time. With lowered immune systems, open sores and overcrowded living spaces, they need our prayers and support. For many they will not fit into the ‘vulnerable people’ category as to their governments and community, they aren’t even seen as people at all. We know you have a heart for those in need. By supporting those with leprosy, you will be reaching out to care for those who are most vulnerable and at risk, following in the footsteps of Jesus as we seek to be his hands and feet today.

Your support will enable us to continue to be a beacon of light and hope to those affected by leprosy and ensure our projects are here to stay, through and after Covid 19.

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Online Sermon

Hear from Rebecca Parnell, the Church Partnership Officer at TLMNI, as she gives an update on the critical work of The Leprosy Mission and shares a message from 2 Kings 4: 1-7 which is both relatable to the fight against leprosy and a message of encouragement in our current circumstances.


Hospital Heroes

As a follow on from the sermon why not hear about the amazing efforts of ‘Hospital Heroes’ working on the front line in TLM projects around the world.


A message from Joanne Briggs 

 Hear from Joanne Briggs, the National Director of TLMNI, as she updates you on our work and sends a message of encouragement.


A message from Dr Sunday Udo

 Hear from Dr Sunday Udo, the Director of TLM in Nigeria, as he reads from God’s word and prays.


A message from Nepal

Hear an update from Nepal as Shovakhar Kandel, the Director of TLM Nepal, and Doctor Pradeep, the Medical Superintendent, give you an update on Anandaban Hospital.


Your support is greatly appreciated during this challenging time.  If you have any questions or need any further information or input please email