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Harvest 2020

Working Together Makes Us Stronger

Harvest is a time when we reflect on and are thankful for God’s provision.

It is also a time where much work is required to bring in the vast amount of crops, fruit and vegetables, many of which would normally be used to decorate churches or community events at Harvest time. Harvest is a time for people to come together, whether that be in the field, decorating the church or to support those less fortunate than ourselves.

This year our new Harvest resources are focused on the theme of togetherness. As an individual we often think ‘how can I make a difference?’. However, when individuals unite together we can make a big difference.  Working together, and in partnership with others, makes us stronger.

Engage your congregation with our harvest resources

Will you and your church join us as we continue our vision to see leprosy defeated and lives transformed?

By using and engaging your congregation with our harvest resources you can support this vision.

We have developed a number of resources which you can use for your church or online resources:

Video resources

If you would like to use our video options they are linked to YouTube below.

The choice of videos allows you to incorporate the harvest resources into your service in many different ways. This includes the full sermon, a condensed 5-minute talk and an interview with one of our colleagues in Bangladesh which can be used in full or in shorter segments.

If you would like a downloadable version of these videos to include in your service either in person or virtually, please send me an email at, and we will send you a WeTransfer link.

More videos

To hear shorter clips from the interview with Jiptha Boirage, Programme Support Coordinator TLM in Bangladesh, visit our Youtube page

Visit TLMNI YouTube page

Not just for Sunday services


These resources are not just restricted to Sunday services.

They can also be used for ladies’ groups, men’s groups, seniors’ groups, and they can be used for a midweek meeting. Sunday school leaders may also find the children’s resources helpful. The videos are also great discussion points should you want to circulate them amongst your home or bible study groups.