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Spring Appeal 2018

Show Sursati she is not forgotten

As Sursati nears retirement age she should be looking forward to a more restful season of life. Instead she is homeless and begging on the streets, just trying to survive.

Sursati lost the use of her hands due to the late treatment of leprosy. She contracted leprosy as a teenager and was too afraid to seek help. When her leprosy-inflicted disabilities became obvious, especially her clawed hands, Sursati and her two young sons were thrown out of their village.

She was an outcast! Rejected. Unable to work, Sursati was forced to live on the streets and beg to survive for more than 25 years.

You can make a difference and bring hope to Sursati and people like her.

The Leprosy Mission in India has 800 leprosy colonies across the country providing safety and comfort for people like Sursati, especially as they get older and more vulnerable living on the streets.

  £10 provides a pair of specially-made protective shoes to help people like Sursati walk safely on rough ground

  £24 delivers the medicines that will cure a person of leprosy

  £90 supports Sursati, and people like her, with a place in a leprosy colony where they will be safe and able to live the remainder of their lives free from the dangers of surviving on the streets.

Please help us show Sursati and others like her that she is not forgotten. Any gift you give will make a difference. Thank you. 

Donate today to show Sursati she is not forgotten.