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Champions for Change

Champions for Change

Leprosy is often considered an ancient disease, yet 1 new case is discovered every 2 minutes. Those who contract the disease are often rejected by their community, and sent to live in one of the thousands of leprosy communities that exist still today. The Champions for Change project aims to create Leprosy Champions, people from within these communities who will learn how to fight for the social, financial and educational rights of leprosy affected people often living in severe poverty and with disability as a result of leprosy. For £30, a Leprosy Champion can receive the training that will transform their lives, and the lives of the leprosy community that they live in.

Please consider holding a Champions for Change Sunday in your church, and stand with those affected by leprosy, who face rejection and discrimination on a daily basis.

How to get involved

There are sermon notes, prayers, fundraising ideas, and children's address and resources available that can help you to host a Champions for Change Sunday. Download the Champions for Change material below, and watch two short videos that you can use in the service.

You can Book a Speaker to come and share about the work of The Leprosy Mission and the Champions for Change project.



Champions For Change Stories

People affected by leprosy express their struggles and dreams for the future

Sursati's Story

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