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End Discrimination in India

Every four minutes one person is India is diagnosed with leprosy. This also means that every four minutes one family faces potential discrimination and the threat of exclusion from their community.

But TLM India and other organisations are taking a stand against this. They are challenging 14 different laws in India that discriminate against people with leprosy. At the same time, TLM India is appealing to the Indian government to make discrimination against people affected by leprosy illegal.

TLM India has partnered with The Law Commission in India. Together they are promoting a bill entitled ‘Eliminating Discrimination against Persons affected by Leprosy (EDPAL) 2015’.

If passed, the Bill will see the 14 laws discriminating against people affected by leprosy repealed. The Bill recommends that the Indian government passes legislation to socially include people affected by leprosy. If enacted, it means the Indian government would be compelled to financially help people affected by leprosy with the welfare grants currently denied to them. This will mean an improved quality of life for hundreds of thousands of people. It will also see use of the derogatory term ‘leper’ be made a criminal offence.

Help end discrimination

You can find out more about how TLM India is tackling this injustice on their website. 

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