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Advent appeal

If we do not come, there is nobody else

This Christmas we need your help to find people like Rajeev and get them the cure for leprosy.

Rajeev lives in a remote island just off the coast of West Bengal, India. There has been no doctor here for over 10 years. Life here is hard. When people get sick, there is no-one to turn to for help. But with the help of people like you, The Leprosy Mission is able to run special urgent health camps on remote islands like this one in the Sunderbans. It was at one of these camps that Rajeev's leprosy was diagnosed by one of our doctors. 

But we need to find more people like Rajeev living in remote places and get them the cure before it's too late

Without your gifts this Christmas, people like Rajeev won't even know they have leprosy. 

It costs £24 to make sure someone like Rajeev is found and cured. 

Like the wise men who travelled so far to find Jesus, we will go where he leads us to find people with leprosy. 

Please would you give £24 today to find and cure one person? Or £48 to find and cure two people. Or even £72 to find and cure three people. 

With your gift we can run even more of these camps and you'll help find more people like Rajeev.

This Christmas, bring joy to people the world has forgotten: click here to donate today