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Advent appeal

Your gifts will make 2019 a year of hope

Your responded so generously to our Advent appeal - thank you! Your support is helping us find people in remote parts of India and Africa, people like Raju and Anna...

Anna lives in a very rural part of Tanzania. She has never been to school, so she doesn’t know her age. She has had numbness in her hands and feet for some time, and in the last eight months has started to develop ulcers on them. She tried to get help, but local medical workers did not know what was wrong.

But thanks to a TLM-funded mobile clinic, Anna was found, and her leprosy was diagnosed. She is now receiving the treatment and the help she needs. This has only been possible thanks to your support. It is for people like Anna that we asked you to give to our Advent appeal last year. And you have responded so generously!

You may remember the story of Raju from our appeal; he lives on a very remote Island in India and was diagnosed with leprosy by Dr Helen, one of TLM’s doctors, who was part of one of our medial outreach teams. We told you that, if we do not come, there is nobody else.

Your support is helping to fund doctors and medical staff to reach remote areas in India, Tanzania and Nepal where good-quality healthcare is not easily accessible. As Anna’s leprosy was not caught early and she has only recently started taking medication, it is more likely that the disease could have been transmitted to friends and family members. This means that the TLM supported Community Health and Education team who found Anna will need to make regular visits back to her village to test others for leprosy. But the good news is – they will be able to prevent more people from experiencing the disabilities that Anna, sadly, now has to live with.

Anna and her family are incredibly grateful to the team who treated her – and we are incredibly grateful to YOU for enabling us to reach people in need who would otherwise be forgotten and neglected.

Thank you for making sure that 2019 will be a year of hope for people like Anna and Raju!

There is still time to reach out to forgotten people

You can still make a difference to Dr Helen’s team, and to other medical teams like hers, by giving a regular gift or one-off donation.