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Pray with Smita


Dear faithful readers,

let me introduce myself! My name is Smita Das and I am a community health worker for The Leprosy Mission in Bangladesh. My role consists of many different things, but I predominantly search for new cases of leprosy, conduct follow up care and lead education sessions around leprosy for both communities and other health care professionals. I grew up caring for those affected by leprosy. This is what my dad did for work, so I often joined him when I was younger. This, combined with my faith in Jesus, ignited a passion to see justice and inclusion for those affected and show the love and care they deserve.

I am currently mainly working in the tea gardens. These are beautiful places, with rows upon rows of lush green tea leaves. Many of which brew your cups of tea in Northern Ireland! The gardens leave you in awe of God’s magnificent creation. However, leprosy is contrasting the flourishing of the scenery. It does not want to see flourishing in the lives of those who work and live in these gardens. It wants to see the opposite in fact. It wants to leave desolation and destruction. Amongst the 600,000 people who live here, nearly every family is affected in some way by leprosy. Cases here are higher than I have seen anywhere else. But I am so thankful to God that people like you in Northern Ireland have a passion to see change here, like me.

I wanted to write these journals to show you the impact you are making in these communities and share how you can continue to support and pray for them. I hope and pray you feel encouraged and inspired to hear of the change and transformation you are enabling. These may only be my words and experience, but I know I speak on behalf of other health care professionals like me in TLM Bangladesh and across the world in TLM. Thank you!

Every Blessing


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