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Global Day of Prayer

The Leprosy Mission's Global Day of Prayer


"Be Joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12 (NIV)

Prayer is at the heart of The Leprosy Mission. It is only by intentionally seeking God and setting aside time to hear from him through prayer, that leprosy will be defeated and lives transformed. It is for this reason The Leprosy Mission across the world has dedicated 12th May to prayer: To seek God’s presence and bring before Him our requests and praise.

Below are videos from projects your generous donations fund, and documents highlighting general points for prayer. Please join us to pray on the day and after. 

Prayer points from TLM teams across the world

Our colleagues in India are unable to share a video given the current Covid crisis they are facing. Please keep them and those affected by leprosy in your prayers. Pray for protection from the virus, and for the staff as they continue to tirelessly work hard to care for those in need. Pray for wisdom for the Indian government as they make decisions to tackle this crisis.


Hear From Joanne Briggs, National Director of TLM Northern Ireland, as she shares prayer points for our team.

The Leprosy Mission Prayer 

Download these documents for more prayer points