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Akifah is only 10 years old and is being treated for leprosy. Her little body has already been attacked by the disease and her hands are stiff, clawed and unusable – she cannot throw a ball, hold a pencil or even hold her Mum’s hand. Her feet are also damaged and she drags her foot when she walks.

Akifah has been cured of leprosy, but she is frightened. She desperately needs an operation to fix her clawed fingers. Akifah has had the freedom to be a child stolen from her, by leprosy.

Unfortunately, Akifah isn’t the only child living with the effects of leprosy – there are thousands. Today, somewhere in the world other little children will be told that they have leprosy. You can help children like Akifah get the care they need. They don’t want chocolate, or toys. They just want to be able to dance again. Your special gift can transform the life of a child like Akifah.

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How your money can change lives:

  £5 can buy a pair of glasses to protect eyes from infection

  £10 can buy a pair of protective sandals (£20 = 2 pairs)

  £200 can cure, care for and restore one leprosy-affected person

  £1,000 can cure, care for and restore five leprosy-affected people

Whatever you can give will make a difference. Thank you.

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