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Summer 2020 appeal

Our hospitals are under threat

We need your help to keep Leprosy Mission Hospitals running and continue to save lives

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our world we are asking you again not to forget people affected by leprosy at this difficult time.

Virus has not yet peaked

In many parts of the world where we work, the virus has not yet peaked. At Leprosy Mission Hospitals across India, the staff know only too well the fear, isolation and stigma that leprosy causes. They are dedicated to serving people affected by leprosy. These hospitals provide essential care to many people affected by leprosy on a daily basis.

But they are under threat. The current coronavirus crisis has really impacted their very existence. The urgent response needed has meant that Leprosy Mission Hospitals are facing a shortfall in funds. It is essential for people affected by leprosy, that these hospitals keep going.

Without your help people affected by leprosy will have nowhere else to go.

Purulia Hospital

This Leprosy Mission Hospital, situated in a large rural area in India which is very poor, is facing a shortfall of £58,000.

We must keep hospitals open. Without your help people affected by leprosy won’t be able to get the surgery they need. Leprosy will not wait until restrictions are lifted. It is continuing to attack lives.

Where will these people go if their hospital is no longer there? What will they do if there is nobody to spot, treat and care for their leprosy?

Doctors and nurses are dedicated to being there 

They want the hospital to stay open for those people they are called to serve. People like Laxmi.

Laxmi is someone who has had her life saved because of a Leprosy Mission Hospital.

She spent several months trying to get the help she so desperately needed. But nobody would treat her leprosy. Eventually she managed to make her way to a Leprosy Mission Hospital. It was there that she was diagnosed with leprosy and treated. If it wasn’t for the Hospital she would not have been cured of her leprosy. 

Laxmi has suffered so much discrimination, hurt and rejection

When she touched a water pipe in the village, people refused to use the water pipe ever again. They were too afraid. They thought they would get leprosy as a result. But they won’t. People wrongly believe that leprosy is a curse. 

When she plucked up the courage to attend her sister-in-law’s wedding, she was beaten by a member of her own family simply because of her leprosy.

She continues to be welcomed at Purulia Hospital. Each time she receives incredible care and support from the kind and devoted staff. Laxmi is so grateful for the care that you and other supporters who share your compassion have provided.

She feels good about coming to the Hospital and says: “I get better whenever I come here.”

Join our team of Hospital Heroes 

You can be part of a team that helps to keep Leprosy Mission Hospitals open.

We are all in this together. We are asking you to show someone affected by leprosy that they are loved. 

Your donation could change many lives now and for many years to come. You can ensure hospitals like Purulia keep running for people like Laxmi.

Donate today

Your gift today of £24 will provide care and treatment for someone like Laxmi. You can ensure Leprosy Mission Hospitals continue to run.

Thank you.