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Shoes appeal update

How your gifts of shoes have changed lives

Last year we told you about Chandra, a man who has suffered rejection and physical disability because of leprosy. But protective shoes have saved his feet from cuts, sores, infections and ulcers.

We told you that just £10 would buy a pair of protective shoes for people like Chandra so that they can walk and work again. And you responded so generously!

Not only have we been able to give good-quality protective shoes to many leprosy-affected people, we have also been able to provide orthotics and prosthetics to help people regain their independence. Many of  you also returned the shoe cards (enclosed with InTouch and available to download from this website) which included a prayer and Bible verse - these cards brought smiles to so many people's faces. Thank you!

Here are just a couple of the stories of how your gifts have changed lives: 

Lagan Devi


Lagan Devi was working in the fields when she injured her foot. Leprosy had made her feet insensitive to pain so she did not realise and the wound became badly infected. She was treated at TLM's Anandaban Hospital in Nepal, where her wound was treated and she was give a pair of protective sandals and a card from a TLM supporter! 

“I am very happy and satisfied using this sandal," says Lagan. "It is really working well for early ulcer healing. It is also helping in preventing pressure sores. It has become a good gift for me. Thank you to Anandaban Hospital and staff!”


Sixty-year-old Raju was having many difficulties walking due to disabilities caused by leprosy and he was frequently injuring his foot. Thanks to your generosity, TLM's Anandaban Hospital has been able to provide Raju with a special piece of footwear that makes walking much more comfortable for him and prevents further injuries to his feet.  

“After using the foot drop spring I feel comfortable in walking," says Raju. "It has prevented further injuries. I can walk much faster than before and also can walk for longer. I feel like I am doing more work than before after using this appliance.”


Mother-of-three Rekha had to have her right leg amputated due to leprosy. As a result she was unable to work and provide for her family. But thanks to your kindness, Rekha now has a prosthetic leg which has completely changed her life.

"Now I can do all kinds of work," she says. "My confidence level has been high after I was fitted with the artificial leg. I am feeling like normal people. I want to thank all the concerned staff at Anandaban Hospital who changed my life.”

Thank you for your compassion and care for people affected by leprosy!