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Gifts for Life

Gifts for Life

Our Gifts for Life™ make memorable and unique Christmas, birthday and anniversary gifts.

Purchasing one of these gifts is a great way to show the compassion and care of Jesus to those in need. You’ll give a thoughtful gift to a friend or family member and transform the life of a person affected by leprosy at the same time.

Below we have some suggestions of gifts that will delight your loved ones and bring healing and hope to people and communities around the world.

“We feel buying a Gift for Life™ is so worthwhile and makes a big difference to those with nothing in their lives. With climate change, a going green option of seeds, trees or even animals can change a family’s life for ever and give them the start they desperately need. It is not a one-off gift but continues on for years and even decades,” Gary and Valerie Keenan, TLM NI supporters

How to purchase a Gift for Life™

  1. Select your gift
    Find the perfect gift for every occasion here. Simply search the categories and click on the gift that best suits your interest and budget.

  2. Write your message
    We will send a card, or an e-card, to you or your chosen recipient. Inside there is space to add a personal message. You can do this at home or you can personalise it online.

  3. Give your gift
    We’ll send the card for you unless you opt to receive it at home. Each card includes facts on how your gift changes lives. Your gift will bless two people: your loved one and a leprosy-affected person.

  4. Transform lives
    Whatever your gift you can relax knowing that it will make a positive difference to the lives of those affected by leprosy. Every penny will be used to help those whose lives are blighted by leprosy.


Thank you!