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Be a hospital hero

Imagine people being afraid to touch you. Even your own family. And everyone thinking you’re the worst kind of a sinner. So, you’re neglected. Ignored. Driven from your home. Attacked by strangers who hate and fear you on sight. This is the painful reality for people with leprosy. People like Tamim, pictured above, whose family rejected him because of this cruel disease. 

With your help we can very easily change this - will you become a Hospital Hero today?

A Hospital Hero is a wonderful person who recognises that we can, and should, reach out to those who have leprosy. While we can't all be physically present with those suffering from leprosy, we can support the people who are doing just that - our wonderful leprosy nurses.

If you make a special gift to support one of our leprosy nurses they will be your hands and your heart, not afraid to confront leprosy, not afraid to comfort, not afraid to touch.

Your donation – any amount – will keep our nurses on the job ... and show our leprosy patients that you are not afraid to show love to the unloved!

Barnali (pictured below right) is a staff nurse at one of our hospitals in India. She joined the hospital because she wanted to serve the poor and needy. Barnali has a heart for leprosy patients.

“No one wants to touch them, but in our hospital, we talk, we make friends and they get better. They also love us very much.” Barnali becomes tearful as she talks about her patients, they mean the world to her.

One of her patients is Tamim. Not only has he lost his family because of leprosy, he has also had two below the knee amputations – the result of undetected and untreated leprosy.

His disability is a very visible sign of his leprosy, so people avoid Tamim. His family and community are afraid to be near him or touch him. He is isolated and lonely.

But the nurses are very hands-on. They treat him with the kindness they show every other patient. Barnali knows from experience that a kind touch makes all the difference.

It’s hard work at the hospital and the hours are long. But for Barnali and all the nurses it’s a privilege to serve, and they do so willingly. They are using the gifts that God has blessed them with.

But they cannot do it without your help:

   £15 will provide medicine for ongoing health care to someone just like Tamim as they recover
                  from leprosy

   £20 will provide bandages to wrap around someone's wound

   £45 will help support a Leprosy Mission nurse!

Please show our nurses that we value them. Be the healing hands of Jesus for people with leprosy. Be a Hospital Hero.

Your gift today can help nurses to provide care for someone affected by leprosy, and help them to survive.

Donate today

Thank you!