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Advent appeal 2019

Will you welcome Diyan this Christmas?

When Diyan was just six years old, he was diagnosed with leprosy. How could he have known it had invaded his body? The patches on his face were a sure sign that he was unwell but he didn’t feel ill. He had burned his hand very badly but he didn’t cry. He wasn’t in pain. He didn’t even feel it.

Christmas is now only just around the corner. You may well be thinking of what to buy your loved ones. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give a child the gift of a cure this year? Your gift of £24 could do just that. It could cure a child like Diyan, before it’s too late. There is no better gift.

Diyan is used to the loss of sensation, especially on the patches on his hands and feet. He’s constantly in danger of hurting himself. He can’t feel injuries. And, as a result, he’s at risk of infection.

That’s one of the terrible things about leprosy. It often attacks the body without anyone noticing it. And without early detection, the result can be devastating. Caught early this disease is not only completely curable, but it can leave no lasting effects.

Diyan wasn’t found early enough. The damage had been done, and he will never recover the loss of sensation in his face, hands and feet. Thankfully he will be taught vital self-care. But he will have to remain vigilant daily. If only he had been treated early enough.

Without incredible supporters like you, Diyan would not have been found at all. This is why your generous gifts are vital! It will mean more children like Diyan can be found and cured, before it’s too late.

You can give today to help children like Diyan this Christmas

Thank you!

You can read Diyan's story in full here.