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Christmas Appeal

Will you bring good news of great joy by curing a child of leprosy this Christmas?

We know that Christmas may be a bit different for all of us this year. But it remains a time for family and giving.

Despite current coronavirus restrictions, our expert teams of healthcare professionals continue to reach out to communities, in order to diagnose and treat leprosy. Outreach is critically important as if the disease is identified early enough, children are protected from life-limiting disability caused by leprosy.

Just £24 provides a cure for a child affected by leprosy

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child leprosy

Abish is just one of many children throughout Bangladesh who has been diagnosed with leprosy. It was not the Christmas present he was hoping for. For Abish, it began with the loss of feeling in his leg. If left untreated, he could easily hurt himself without even knowing. Just a minor injury could lead to infected ulcers, which may mean amputation.

Can you imagine the impact of an amputation? Abish would be robbed of so much. He wouldn’t be able to run around with his friends or kick a football. Worse still his friends would run away from him! The stigma caused by leprosy would mean they are afraid of even being near him.

Your support this Christmas will help us continue our life-changing work for children, like Abish, around the world.

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Dr Pobon

Like you, Dr Pobon is ready to help children affected by leprosy today.

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Please bring good news of great joy this Christmas.

Change a child's future this Christmas

Make this your most precious gift

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